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10 Ideas for Self Storage Success

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1. Try to use boxes that are all the same size. You’ll save space once they are tightly stacked together.

2. Leave a small walkway between boxes so that you can get to the back if needed and do not have to pull everything out to get to a specific box later.

3. Make a list: number the boxes, then write their contents on the list next to their number. This will save you time and energy when you need to locate an item.

4. Place the tallest items in the unit first and the heavier boxes at the bottom.

5. Keep items that you may need to access near the front.

6. When storing equipment such as a lawnmower or refrigerator, be sure to drain all fluids before storing them.

7. Consider using shelving for long term storage needs to organize your items for easy access.

8. Use good boxes. Double or triple corrugated boxes are the best for moving and storage needs.

9. Fill the box up. If the box is getting heavy, don’t leave it half full but instead use crumpled newspaper or bubble wrap to fill it. Filling the box will add strength and integrity to the box, keeping it from caving in later.

10. Break-down furniture when possible and use furniture covers to prevent damaged surfaces.

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