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How To Pack Your Storage Unit

How to Properly Pack Storage Unit

Having access to a storage unit can be the perfect solution if you have too much stuff and not enough space to put it all. Instead of dealing with the stress of unnecessary piles of excess stuff, for a monthly payment you can simplify your life by placing your excess items in a self-storage rental. However, when packing your self storage unit, it’s important to make this an organized and efficient process. If you’re looking to clean up and simplify, stuffing all of your items in a storage unit just isn’t going to cut it.

You need to ensure that your storage unit rental is packed efficiently not only so that you can find any item that you need to find at the drop of a hat, but also so that you can breathe easy knowing that you haven’t just moved the mess from one location to another. Here are a few tips for properly packing your storage unit rental.


If you’re going to be storing any delicate items, before placing them in storage make sure to wrap them in newspaper or bubble wrap and place them inside of furniture drawers instead of boxes. This will help to ensure that these items don’t end up broken, have pieces missing, or get crushed in a box. Then pack clothes or more newspaper around these items in the furniture drawers so that they don’t shift while being moved. Then make sure to wrap furniture with plastic to prevent dust from getting in.

Space Savers

If you have a lot of pots and pans try storing them in your stove or other larger appliances rather than boxes. This will help save space and also helps to avoid having a million boxes in your storage unit. Another way to save space in your storage unit is to take apart any tables or chairs before storing. Always make sure to cover furniture with blankets or plastic to protect them. If you’re storing a desk, filing cabinet or dresser, fill the drawers with items. Use every space you have to help store more items.


Before storing any of your prized items in your unit, make sure to place plastic sheeting or cardboard on the floor to help keep your items clean. This will also help with sliding boxes and furniture into place. You may also want to place deodorizers and vermin bait in your unit to keep out undesirable smells or rodents.


When arranging boxes in your unit, place items that you want to get to more often close to the entrance. Place valuables such as computers or other electronic equipment in the back of the unit. It’s always advisable to leave an aisle for walking and to label each box for quick detection. Also, make sure to lock your unit with padlock to help ensure the safety of your items.boxes

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