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How To Store Books

Store Your Books

Who doesn’t have boxes of books in storage? It seems that many people are packing their books up these days, and for many different reasons. Some are opting for electronic books, but are too sentimental to actually part with their favorite paper copies. Some people just honestly lack space. Books have a tendency to grow in number if someone loves reading, and a book is next to impossible to throw away once it has been read. Books are precious things, and storage is a very good option. Storage rates are cheap, and books can be added to a storage unit at little risk. Following proper packing and storage guidelines ensures that books will come out of storage in the same condition in which they were put in.

Packing Them Up

The first step is to find a suitable container for the books. It is best to use plastic containers or bins for book storage, but if boxes are the only option it is important to make sure they are newer boxes. Old boxes, especially ones used to store food, should never be used for book storage because they often attract harmful insects. It is often a good idea to wrap the books individually. However, wrapping material is also important! Products such as tinfoil or plastic bags should be avoided as a wrapping material, as they can encourage mold growth. Paper towels and bubble wrap are the preferred wrapping agents for books. It is important to place books of similar size together when packing boxes. The books should be lying flat or be placed upright with the paper edges facing upwards to minimize warping. Always remember to place the heavier books on the bottom of a container instead of on top of lighter books. Once the box is packed, seal it securely.

Where to Store

Books should never be stored in a humid environment. Moisture of any kind encourages mold growth, and can warp the binding of a book. Dry and secure locations are all that properly packaged books require for successive storage.


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